Timberland Hawaii offers a variety of services to help customers achieve successful completion of their jobs with the right products, price point, and solid project management. Our team brings decades of experience in value engineering, construction, and wholesale supply to ultimately provide the quality and value each project deserves. Our expertise in design build, value engineering and project management will guide you to a finished result that stays true to your vision.

As a supplier, we collaborate with general contractors and architects to ensure that the
design intent is respected and that the materials are sourced and shipped as efficiently and
timely as possible.

Design Build

Timberland Hawaii works closely with the owner, architect, and general contractor to expertly guide the design process. With our team you can expect a wide selection of exceptional building products at the best price, as we find creative resources to fit your budget and time frame. From wood doors to finish carpentry, casework, and Division 10 components, our team can procure everything needed to get the job done right.

The Timberland Hawaii team has over 60 years of combined experience in the wood industry as it applies to construction, manufacturing, and installation. The seasoned knowledge, networking, and skillset we bring to the table will prove to be a true asset in the field of value engineering as we work to strategically combine products from a variety of sources to achieve continuity and value for your end result.

Value Engineering

Because of Timberland Hawaii’s deep knowledge base of supply, manufacture, and installation options, we are often the architects’ and contractors’ first choice when it comes to value engineering. We’ve spent years building strong partnerships with a variety of manufacturers, so we can assist the general contractor with engineering to supply the optimum products for the project at competitive pricings.

Project Management

Timberland Hawaii works with commercial general contractors to streamline the process and direct the activities of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures, and protocols to achieve specific goals and solve the daily issues each
project presents.

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the job goals and objectives while honoring the project’s unique scope, time frame, quality standards, and budget. Combine this with the complicated logistics of supplying to the Hawaiian Islands and the local knowledge and experience Timberland Hawaii provides becomes invaluable.

For more information on the wholsale building products and services we offer, please contact Timberland Hawaii